Sandy Hook Image Credit: Reuters/Eric Thayer

Four years ago a sinister lunatic killed his own mother in Newton Connecticut then preceded to Sandy Hook Elementary School on a killing rampage of massive proportions.

This magnified horror begun with the use of a semiautomatic rifle killing 6 teacher and 20 innocent children before the shooter took his own life.

The press labeled the sandy hook massacre as one of the deadliest incomprehensible horror killings of all time. To this date, no clear reason or motive has been established by law enforcement or anyone else for that matter. The only rational conclusion why this person did what he did Leeds back to his troubled past of mental health issues.

Even if the shooter was mentally unstable, this does NOT change the horrid realty of what transpired that day in Connecticut that murder still shocks as well as challenge us today.

Thought the past four years many Conspiracy communities have been casting doubt, calling Sandy Hook nothing more then a Hoax.  Saying the Government created this fictitious shooting in order to control gun rights. Yet other Conspiracy theorists state that actors have been used to stage this massacre for the mass media and relevant documents of this event are just forgeries.

Let’s get a sense of how the Hoax theory of Sandy hook started, spread and endured.

Alex Jones is a talk radio show host and is one of the instrumental Conspiracy voices in America today and the “Truth Movement”. Hillary Clinton singled out Mr. Jones in a speech for having ties to President Elect Donald Trump, and for suggesting that this massacre is “synthetic” and   “manufactured”.

When we tried to contact Alex Jones for a statement on the 4th year anniversary of the shooting, to see hat he had to say. Well it turned out that he beet us to the punch and issued a final statement on “Sandy Hook” a month back.

Jones said “I will present to you the questions, and I’m going to be quite frank, I don’t know what really happened,” he said. “I know there are real mass shootings, I know people lose children. I’m a father. It hurts my heart. So I don’t know what the truth is. All I know is the official story of Sandy Hook has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.”


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