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As always, Conspiracy Talk News ended up being many years in front of the lagging technological neighborhood by sounding the actual alarm regarding weaponizing of genetically engineered technologies.

I have written in the past, in relation to weaponized GMO, as being a real danger to human society.

Mankind has now arrived at a brand new and very dangerous tipping point with producing technological innovations that are so profound that they could eliminate mankind; however this kind of surge of “science” has not yet been matched or challenged by public awareness or even ethics.

Nowadays, scientific research works with complete neglect of our future, regarding existence on the planet, and yes it scoffs at any idea of evening out or controlling the balance of scientific “progress” with some cautionary guidelines, ethics or even sensible safety measures.

Loads of experiments with GMO’s have let loose self-replicating genetic polluting of the environment which today threatens the integrity of our foods and crops all over the world, most likely damaging the worldwide food supply.

Scientific research will have to exist to supply long-term pursuits of the human race, never to serve any short-term earnings of the big corporations.

In order to safeguard the future of human existence on this planet, science and technology must function underneath the Precautionary Basic principles.


  1. Except the EU has long used the PP and this is what their own Academies of Science said about that.

    :The misuse of the precautionary principle has led to restrictive legislation and both a political and market mistrust of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

    This has had a profound chilling effect on both public and private investment for European agricultural research
    EASAC 2013-Planting the Future


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