Conspiracy Theory And Donald Trump Go Hand In Hand These Days


Advisers for President nominee Donald Trump suspect more then light manipulation of the media to favor Mr. Trumps opponent Hillary Clinton.

It’s an all out Conspiracy to stop Trump from winning the 2016 Presidential election say Trumps Team of senior advisers. “This conspiracy theory has everything to do with basic economics and NOT with casting votes or campaigning” they claim.

The Team of Donald Trump

We have a very reputable Economics expert – Peter Navarro who is from the University Of CA and Multi Billionaire Wilbur Ross.

They claim that “those think tanks are acting to boost Democrat Hillary Clinton and to advance the interests of large corporations that fund their research, and that news reporters are playing along”.

However Think Tanks continue to reject these arguments and claim that Mr. Trump was and is practicing bad economics.

Mr. Navarro and Mr. Ross alleged these and other allegations from the luxury Private Suite/Office that’s towering over 6th Ave on the 25th floor that overlooks Central Park. This location does serve Donald Trump as the 2nd headquarters for these two powerful Trump advisers.


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