The Conspiracy Theory hysteria aims to increase distrust of corporations, which in itself is healthy.

The corporations do not care about shit. General Motors apparently allowed a fatal flaw in security for a decade before bothering to recall the vehicles.

But what conspiracy lovers do not understand is that they are also victims of a huge lucrative industry.

Pay attention to the History Channel, which went from broadcasting documentaries on history to based programming “reality” shows (the quotes are sarcastic). The ratings soared through programs such as conspiracy, Ancient Aliens and UFO hunters.

 History Channel was the twenty most popular cable, but since replacing Hitler by little green men, they shot UP through the roof tops.

Hey Lets Face It, Baloney Sells

Anyway, nothing can compare to the money generated by professional radio monsters like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck. Through its own media empires (which covers print, radio, television, internet, and serum to revitalize the power of the penis ), Jones and Beck reach 10 to 45 million per year respectively. Hell !, the ass kissing them should be the Illuminati other source of income.

How do you get rich doing this kind of thing?

Well, if you listen to the program Beck, the first thing you hear is that “invisible forces prepare to cause the total collapse of society , ” and then, in between, you will be informed that they are on sale as kits for emergency food when nuclear missiles inevitably start falling on American soil (just $ 9,500 and you can keep your family alive with dried rations throughout the imminent war! you love your family right?) the other big advertisers are gold sellers because it is what you are going to use as currency when the government collapses. But do not ask why vendors want to give their gold in exchange for your American dollars will soon be useless.

In another even more barmy side of the spectrum, Jones sells its own brand of health supplements to reverse the damage it is causing in the body fluorine the government added in the water supply to kill you, and chemicals spread on you by aircraft, which the government has the audacity to call them Contrails.

Of course, these two are just a couple of the most successful examples. It is an emerging market with lots of competition. Only fijaros in David Icke, the British participant of this circus, famous for arguing that the Moon is not real and that the world is run by alien reptiles metamorphic.

Laugh all you want, but this guy has an estimated wealth of 10 million pounds, based on accumulated sales of books and expensive conferences that are filled to the brim. They attract both people really interested in extraterrestrial reptilians, as those who come to see a guy humbling himself for more than an hour.

The conclusion is that there is a whole industry that lives conspiracy, and therefore needs to make conspiracies to survive. So when the Navy Yard shootings occurred in September 2013, Jones immediately declared it as an attack by “false flag” designed to gain support in favor of gun control law.

Is that the Malaysia Airlines flight that clearly crashed into the ocean? Just moments after the news produced, Jones had the exclusive that the plane could have been turned into a “nuclear weapon”.

In this video warns that Obamacare is simply a prelude to genocide:

All this indicates that these authors want to earn money without working.




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