Michael Applebaum was the former Mayor of Montreal, Canada found guilty of fraud as well as breach of trust in a Provincial Court house by judge  Louise Provost.

Applebaum received jail time of 12 months and in addition to that he was given 2 years probation.

Michael Applebaum who turned 54 said to the judge after being handcuffed that he was willing to take this one year jail time  to help him reflect on the wrong he has done over the years.

“I can guarantee you and my family that I will be a better person when I come out,” he said.

He also stated that “Since my arrest, I haven’t been able to work and put food on the table for my family … I have a remarkable family, and I will again put food on the table and make a life.”

Applebaum had been convicted in January of 8 corruption related charges, that include 2 counts each of Government fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud also breach of trust as well as conspiracy to commit the breach of trust.

The maximum time in jail Applebaum might have received was 5 years in prison.





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