Fifty-nine people died in the massacre in Las Vegas, perpetrated by Stephen Paddock.

A California couple who survived the Las Vegas massacre, the bloodiest shooting in US history, died in a traffic accident less than a mile from their residence.

Dennis Carver, 52, and Lorraine Carver, 53, were killed after the vehicle they were driving crashed into the gate of their community and caught fire immediately, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

The incident occurred on October 16 at 10:50 p.m., but had not caught the attention of the public until the report was released on Friday in the Las Vegas papers.

The daughter of the couple, Brooke Carver, told the media that the last weeks of their parents were the best of their lives.

“After the shooting, they talked to all the people who mattered most to them. They were very happy, “she said.

On October 1, the couple was enjoying the country music festival ‘Route 91 Harvest’ on the Las Vegas Strip when Stephen Paddock began firing at the audience from a room of the 39th floor.

According to the family, both threw themselves to the floor and Dennis covered his wife with his body to protect her from the bullets.

After being like this for a few seconds, the couple got up and ran. Miraculously, they did not receive a bullet shot.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Carvers had a close relationship with Las Vegas.

They married in a small chapel of the city back in August of 2010, after having lived 15 years together and lived part of that time in the city of Henderson, near Las Vegas.

The massacre in Las Vegas left 59 people dead (including Paddock) and more than 500 injured.


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