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While every single cryptocurrency forum has been filled with negativity through every stage of the most recent bubble, one coin has maintained a positive, and, surprisingly, generous nature: 


Dogecoin kicked off the crypto rally last winter with one of the largest crypto giveaways to date: a video contest with over 18 million DOGE in prizes, absolutely free to the videos that best embodies the spirit of Dogecoin: giving, positivism, and fun.

While the coin markets have crashed considerably, at the height of the bubble, the Year of the Doge contest offered almost $300,000 USD in prizes. As the prize pool kept climbing in value, drama stayed non-existent. There was no talk of reducing the prize structure or profit-taking, just excitement and generosity, neither of which flagged during the crash.

It’s this kind of attitude that is keeping the little coin afloat, despite loads of recent negative press. That, and investors see the remarkable value that the Dogecoin community brings to the table. 

Dogecoin has remained stable despite two years of developers struggling to release updates, scams, theft, bubbles and crashes, and the lack of “serious” attention from media. Yet the community continues to grow. The coin has remarkably good tech behind it. And above all, the community has continued to share a refreshingly positive vibe. 

The video contest entries all reflect that vibe, including this at the end of this article, a fun Quentin Tarantino inspired short about Dogecoin’s trip to the moon.

The contest closely coincides with the start of the Chinese New Year, which this year is the “Year of the Dog.” Aptly named “The Year of the Doge,” the contest is being hosted by Reddit user u/dogefreedom, an anonymous philanthropist that has been supporting multiple Doge charities since 2013.

Article was contributed by :E.K. Hornbeck


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