Trump publicized the imposition of customs duties tax - Google images labeled for reuse

In Washington, Trump publicized the imposition of customs duties tax of steel plus aluminum imports, with rate increases harming industries which make use of this kind of product, for example, automobile and airplane manufacturers or even suppliers of building components.

Trump has announced that his administration will impose a 25% customs duty, starting next week on imported steel, and 10% on aluminum, that he says are a “danger to United States national security”.

Today, in her standard weekly video message, Merkel explained that the Trump taxation reform, the German government is definitely following very closely the effect from the action on the competitiveness regarding modest and medium-sized German companies.

“It means that if we think about how we are going to develop a common basis for business taxes in France and Germany, then we will also take into account the realities we currently have in the United States,” pointed out Merkel, up until the end of this particular year.

Germany along with France had undoubtedly displayed interest in working with each other about a number of issues, like harmonising corporate tax obligation, one of the concerns within the reform program of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Likewise as a kind of pressure, the organizer for the German Federal government’s Transatlantic Cooperation, Jurgen Hardt, suggested today that they are going to quickly comply with to Washington, in which they definitely will evaluate along with the USA powers the situation generated by the judgment of Trump.

Within a, the co-ordinator described that even more than ever a collaboration discussion among Germany and the USA “using common actions and options” is really required, in spite of varying viewpoints on trade regulations.


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