Porn actress Stormy Daniels , 39, says that the people of President Donald Trump physically threatened her in front of her young daughter in a parking lot in Las Vegas, saying to “leave him alone.”  

It happened in 2011, when she had given an interview to InTouch magazine about her affair with Trump. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, recounted the sexual adventure, with morbid details, this Sunday on television, in a highly anticipated interview. 

It is the first time she has spoken in public since she exposed the president and his lawyers, who deny the facts. These are the main passages of the Stormy Daniels interview. 

The meeting with Trump

Trump did not stop talking about himself and said: “Have you seen my last magazine?”, Showing him a publication that he was on the cover. She told him: “Someone should beat you with that magazine.” According to the story, Trump was frozen with the answer and then, in jest, in fact he lowered his pants and let her whip him with the magazine. “He said ‘uu, you’re special. You remind me of my daughter. “

By then, the current first lady, Melania Trump, had just given birth to her son.

Stormy Daniels says they had sex in the room even though she did not really want to, and that she did not like it. She was 27 years old and he was 60. He did not use a condom and she did not ask for it.

They met again the following year. Trump had promised that he would try to put her as a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice program , in which he was the star. They met once to discuss the matter. 

Finally, Trump could not get her into the program.

Stormy Daniels says she never slept with Trump again.

The threats

In 2011, Daniels received an offer from InTouch magazine to tell expose her affair with Trump for $15,000. The interview was never published, according to two former employees of the magazine.

“I was in a parking lot, going to fitness class with my little daughter, talking, you know, with the seat back, the diaper bag, taking things out. A guy approached me and said: ‘Leave Trump alone. Forget the story. ‘ And then he looked out and looked at my daughter and said: ‘She is a beautiful girl. It would be a pity if something happened to his mother. ‘ And he left”.
She is sure that she would recognize him if she saw him again. Asked why she did not go to the police, she replies: “I was afraid.”

The confidentiality agreement

Once involved in the 2016 election campaign, when Trump had already got the Republican nomination, “suddenly people contacted me again to offer me money” in exchange for the story. “I felt tempted? Yes. I had doubts. And then I got the call: ‘I think I have the best deal for you.’ It was his lawyer at the time.

The deal was to sign an agreement to take $ 130,000 in exchange for not telling her story. According to Daniels, the appeal of the agreement was, apart from money, that history would not harm his career and that his daughter, who is old enough to understand the news, would not be exposed to everything that is happening right now. Asked if she understands that they consider her an opportunist, she says: “I think the fact that she did not even negotiate, that she said yes very quickly to a very strict contract, and for a figure that most agree is very low, it’s all the proof I need. “

The consequences for her

In total, Stormy Daniels has denied in writing the affair with Trump three times, in different documents offered by his lawyers. “I felt intimidated, and sincerely, harassed. And I did not know what to do. So I signed. Even though it was expressly repeated that I was not going to break the contract, but I was not comfortable lying. “

Asked if she has proof, she says that she has been advised not to talk about it for now. How do we know she is telling the truth? “Because I have no reason to lie. I am exposing myself to a possible danger and, of course, a lot of shit. “


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