United states air warfare efficiency has always been a constant, however the nation’s pricey, complicated brand new fighter jets can’t dominate the air if they can’t arrive there.
Even the military’s science arm, DARPA, said that “US military services systems today in many cases are too expensive… (and also) are out of date the moment they turn out to be operational.” Ouch.
However DARPA was at least carrying out something in regards to the problem. It’s designed a project called the System of Systems Integration Technology and Experimentation (SoSITE) for the exact purpose of nothing more than completely overhauling United states military air strength. To do that, it wants to build open systems that assist drones, missiles, “mission truck” planes as well as fighter jets interact with each other.

The idea
is so very simple, it makes you wonder why they didn’t do it before. In a single scenario (see the video below), a contemporary fighter is accompanied by a unmanned, C-130-sized “mission truck” in an assault on enemy radar devices. The larger aircraft would stay away from attack zone, but carry loads of extra missiles and drones to boost a fighter jet’s impact. Read More.


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