Dawson City is probably the most authentic city of Canada. With its brightly colored buildings it has attracted thousands of Klondike gold seekers in the past, but today it attracts mostly artists and travelers who feel at home in the open-door environment that runs through the town.

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You can sift gold in the frigid rivers or play poker in the historic saloon , where the cancan is still danced, before soaking up the spectacular landscape that surrounds it.

Located on a narrow platform of the Yukon and Klondike rivers, 240 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, its streets are still full of old buildings with insecure permafrost foundations that harbor a rich cultural life.

It is easy to relive the gold rush in the many restored historical sites, such as the Palace Gran Theater, the Residencia del Comisionado or the City Museum and up to 26 restored  buildings where the past was and is recreated.


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