An employee got a massive surprise when preparing to repair a leak behind one of the toilets. A DEAD BODY.

The individual, who was between 20 and 30 years old, had been dead almost three days. He entered the restrooms during Friday night. “Once inside, it is believed that the person climbed the back of a pony wall (a type of wall that is used to hide wiring and pipes) located directly behind the toilets and removed a ventilation cover,” clarifies the document. 

“The pony wall is about seven feet high, is not connected to the roof and has no other access points,” the text continues. The police believe, therefore, that the person climbed that one through the ventilation opening, got stuck and died. 

In addition, the autopsy confirmed that the death was accidental.

According to the Calgary Herald , the police identified the deceased, contacted his relatives and, because the death has been classified as accidental, both his name and future news of the case will not be made public. 

The management of the shopping center, for its part, has already offered the worker psychological support and rest days to recover from the tragic event.

However, there is something that the authorities are missing in this case, not understanding what prompted the man to enter that place. 

It is likely that the producers of television programs dedicated to unsolved mysteries, and the most absurd deaths are already looking at this story for publication.


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