Death of young puppy aboard United flight triggers United States department inquiry Google image labeled for reuse

United Airlines dealt with new reactions on Wednesday regarding a young puppy dog which passed away in-flight soon after an attendant ordered it stored in an overhead box.

The United States Department of Transportation stated it is taking a look at the events which resulted in the bulldog’s demise.

UNITED STATE Legislator John Kennedy, whom previously on Wednesday sent out a letter to the United Airlines Commander in chief Scott Kirby, asking for relevant information regarding the significant amount of pets which have passed away while in the transporter’s care, published on Twitter that he intended to submit a bill on Thursday which will restrict airline companies from placing pets inside overhead receptacles.

” Violators will face significant fines. Pets are family,” he noted.

Kennedy, within the correspondence, stated United’s “pattern of animal deaths and injuries is simply inexcusable.” The man mentioned that the numbers occurred while on air-planes  is  24 pets, which passed away in U.S. air carriers previous yr. 18 were actually in United flights.

The acts happened after a United steward firmly insisted that the bulldog’s proprietor, Catalina Robledo, place the animal, that remained in a canine carrier case, inside an above storage space bin in the course of a 3-1/2- hr air travel coming from Houston tx to New York City on Monday.

Robledo’s 11-year-old child, Sophia Ceballos described her feeling whenever the attendant ordered the pet dog carrier container be put inside the above bin.

” I was like ‘It’s a dog, it’s a dog. He can’t breathe there,'” Ceballos told news reporters. “( The flight attendant) was like ‘it doesn’t matter.'”.


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