The death-toll with the September Nineteen earthquake inside central Mexico increased to 358 within the last several hours, National Civil Defense Coordinator Luis Felipe Puente reported Friday.

When bringing up-to-date the preliminary number of dead with the tell-uric action of magnitude 7.1, Puente established that Mexico City registers the greatest amount of deaths with 217, but those numbers are still rising.

Recovery groups, such as the Army’s Emergency Military Unit team, continue to be working away at the remains of the building situated in Álvaro Obregón 286, within the central colony Roma, looking for bodies.

Rescuers are still working on recovering victims of the Alvaro Obregón # 286 building, which collapsed during the recent 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Mexico City on September 28, 2017. PEDRO PARDO

In the past hours they’ve already retrieved a number of corpses among the boulders, including the one of the Spanish Jorge Gómez Varo, that has been buried inside the second floor in the building of six floors that collapsed because of the earthquake.

The earthquake which struck central Mexico Ten days ago, subsequent to 32 years of the powerful earthquake of 1985 that caused 1000s of victims within the capital, the death toll then was 74 in Morelos, 45 in Puebla , 15 in the State of Mexico, 6 in Guerrero and 1 in Oaxaca.

To these direct victims of the earthquake are added four deaths from last Saturday’s earthquake, whose epicenter was situated in Oaxaca and was a duplicate of the earthquake of magnitude 8.2 of September 7, which in turn left 98 dead within the souther region of Mexico.

Resulting from the earth quake of magnitude 6.1 on Saturday there have been 2 deaths from cardiac arrest caused by stressed breakdowns inside Mexico City and 2 others passed away in the Oaxacan municipality of Asunción Ixtaltepec.

The 3 earthquakes registered on September 7, 19 and 23 in Mexico have led to 460 fatalities, the greatest number of deaths since the heartbreaking earthquake of 1985 in Mexico City, believed to acquire about 20,000 deaths.

In accordance with the government’s very first preliminary estimations, reconstruction of historic houses, schools and buildings damaged by earthquakes will surely cost a lot more than 38,000 million pesos or about $ 2.1 billion.


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