Saturday, February 25, 2017. Perez was elected as the new president of the party. Branden Camp AP Photo

Members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) today elected Hispanic President Tom Perez who has vowed to strengthen the local Democratic structure to beat Republicans and President Donald Trump in the upcoming elections.

Perez, former Labor Secretary and civil rights lawyer, seized 235 of the 445 votes of Democrat-elect in Atlanta (Georgia) since Thursday as the new leader of the Democratic National Committee, a figure equivalent to that of the European parties.

The first thing that Perez did after being named the new leader of the Democrats was to extend his hand to the congressman from Minnesota Keith Ellison, akin to the most progressive wing of the party, African-American, Muslim and who had emerged forcefully as Perez’s greatest opponent for Presidency of the Democratic National Committee.

“I want to propose a motion that I have debated with my good friend Ellison to suspend the rules right now and appoint him vice president of the National Democratic Committee,” said Perez, who received unanimous support for his proposal by the Democrat Democrats in Atlanta.

Ellison asked his supporters to support Perez from Saturday because, he said, “the Democrats can not afford to be divided”.

Perez worked with former President Barack Obama’s (2009-2017) was a cabinet member from 2013 to his term, was encouraged by the former president’s team to run for office and had official backing from former Vice President Joe Biden one of the president’s most popular faces.

The Democratic Party is in deep crisis due to the unexpected defeat of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her White House career, as well as her inability to seize the Senate from the Conservatives in legislative elections in November.

Likewise, they were barely able to close the gap in the House of Representatives whic is also in the hands of the Republicans, and they suffered great defeats in the state legislatures and in the local.


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