Hurricane Matthew is causing some major damage as it glides through with no end in sight

Hurricane “Matthew” has become stronger and much more devastating. After destroying a major part of the Bahamas and Haiti, the storm dropped into category 3. Yet, it didn’t stop devastating the state of Florida. Hurricane Matthew winds up at a speed of 120 miles per hour. As it struck the Atlantic coast, nearly 900,000 people lost power. On Friday, warnings were sent to cities like North Carolina and Surf City. Friday afternoon warnings said that the hurricane could reach 7 to 11 feet. This is when Florida’s downtown regions are likely to be flooded.


Image: ABC News

The Numbers

CNN experts believe that the hurricane would go into the sea and not affect major parts of land area. Yet, it is capable crossing areas like Georgia, Carolina and Florida. Winds will be around 115 miles per hour in coastal borders. So far, the hurricane has killed 842 people. Most within Haiti.

Officially, this is one of the wildest storms in the Caribbean, killing several thousands. Medical authorities are worried about the risks of cholera and other diseases in the region. If the hurricane’s speed increases, it will be upgraded into a category 4 storm. This is the first storm to become category 4 since early 2004.

The Storm!

On the whole, Hurricane Matthew has hit many regions of Florida. It is causing floods and power outages. Though projections believe that the storm wouldn’t affect landfills, however it already has caused massive damage to various parts of the country. Emergency updates are sent across all social media networks and the television. Authorities are advising people to stay in safe, sheltered regions. Likewise, people in critical evacuation zones are asked to leave as soon as possible. They should try and keep warm clothing, medications and flashlights with them at all times.


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