Actress Carrie Fisher is honored at the Oscars Awards on February 26, 2017. Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP

Disney president and CEO Bob Iger confirmed Thursday that the Disney will not include digital images of the late Carrie Fisher in the episode VIII of “Star Wars”, released in December.

“When we bought Lucas film, we decided to make three films, episodes VII, VIII and IX. We had to face the tragedy in 2016, “Iger said in reference to Fisher’s death at age 60.

“Carrie appears throughout episode VIII. We’re not going to change anything about the movie because of the death. His interpretation remains intact. In ‘Rogue One’ we had some digital characters. But now we’re not going to do that with Carrie. ”

Fisher’s digitized image of Princess Leia in the original 1977 film was used in the final sequences of “Rogue One,” the first split tape in the universe of “Star Wars.”

Iger, who will remain as president and CEO of Disney until July 2, 2019, the company announced today, made the remarks during a talk at the University of Southern California (USC).

In addition to confirming that Fisher’s interpretation in Episode VIII of the saga (“The Last Jedi”) will not be modified, Iger indicated that the company is evaluating options to roll out more of the galactic franchise.

“We are beginning to talk about what could happen after episode IX. About how it could be another decade and a half of ‘Star Wars’ stories, “he said.

The director also revealed that the new split film of that universe, centered on the figure of the smuggler Han Solo in his youth, will revolve around his experiences between the ages of 18 and 24.

The film, starring Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson and Thandie Newton, will hit theaters in May 2018.


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