Trump Versus Media

Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump has dug deep into the legitimacy of US elections. On Sunday, he tweeted that many polling places are rigged badly. His tweet was seen few hours after Mike Pence, his vice presidential running mate said, “Republicans would accept the outcomes of Nov 8 contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump”.

This when Donald Trump tweeted, “The election is completely rigged by distorted and dishonest media that is pushing crooked Hillary Clinton – unfortunately, many polling places are doing so – this is very SAD!” Moving on, he asked a series of questions on how fair the election results are.

Tweets and More Tweets!

Though Donald Trump made serious allegations, he did not back his statements or provide evidences to support his tweet. According to a recent survey, Trump is trailing behind Hillary Clinton in the opinion polls. Latter in the day, Donald Trump tweeted “animals representing Hillary Clinton” for an attack that happened in North Carolina.

The attack happened at the Republican Party Headquarters. Locals told that the headquarters building was struck with flammable materials and windows were broken. Meanwhile, an adjacent building was painted with the following words “Nazi Republicans leave town or else”.

Donald Trump believes that these words were printed by Hillary’s followers! However, Hillary Clinton denied the attack and tweeted it as “horrific and unacceptable”. She added to the Tweet saying “Very grateful that everyone is safe”.

The Verdict

On the whole, Donald Trump has many allegations against the media. He believes that the results are completely rigged in a coordinated effort with his opponent! Also, he states that many stories that never happened are projected and stressed on by the media. Few days after the first presidential debate, he said that he would accept the election outcomes.

But now, the air around Trump seems to be a little different!


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