Seth Meyers features Trump in a tutu (Photo: Screen capture)

“Donald Trump is nothing more than an entitled teenager whose parents defend his ridiculous statements” stated  Seth Meyers.

This statement cam out to live Television on Seth Meyers the “Late Night” for the world to hear. He also stated that “Trump lacks the sober, analytical thinking and firm grasp on reality necessary to handle the world. Trumps campaign handlers tend to be enabling him like some sort of troubled child.

Hey, Donald, STOP tweeting all that Conspiracy theory fake news already, like this weekend when you tweeted  that you would have “won the popular vote if millions of people who voted illegally.”  Where is your proof Mr. President Elect Trump? Ah, You don’t have any. Well, what else is new?

We did some digging and found that only four, yes 4 documented cases have been filed as “Voter fraud”. So, Mr. Meyers was correct when he also said that only one “report found that out of 135 million ballots cast”. He also made the point that People make more spelling errors of the word Hanukkah then committing voter fraud in the USA.


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