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OK, so Trump is now saying that he won’t prosecute Hillary, and plenty of us are upset about that. (Me included.) But I’ve noticed something. The paid riots have stopped, and the anti-Trump hysteria on the MSM has been dialed down a few notches. I’m wondering if, when Trump was at the White House, he made a deal that he won’t prosecute Hillary, and in return the Clintons & Obama will stop trying to undermine Trump.

Also, as much as Hillary deserves to be in prison, I can’t help but feel that actually trying to prosecute her would destroy this country. It would fuel intense anti-Trump rhetoric, plus the West Coast states might try to secede, sparking a civil war. At a minimum, it would mean we have to keep hearing about the old hag for years to come. (Federal trials are not quick.) I’m starting to come around to the idea that letting her go might be the best choice, as long as she & Bill understand that this means they’re done. They’ll face final justice anyway, and in their cases it won’t be pretty.


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