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Donald Trump On The Slide Down From Presidential Hopeful According To Major Polls

When it comes to recent news, all that America has in mind is the presidential election happenings. Well it has come down to this that polls have showed Donald Trump losing his must-win states even before the Republican support was withdrawn. You would have surely heard of his 2005’s leaked tape in which he had outraging comments about assaulting women but it was even before that Sunday’s polls showed him just like an electoral underdog.

Many prominent Republicans have now withdrawn their support as the number of polls has come down recently. It has even prompted Trump himself to tweet about it saying that they are all self-righteous hypocrites. Looking at all this, Trump now holds even less than 15% chance for winning according to the Huffington Post. It is all due to the polls even before this news came. Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are all now going to his opponent.

In Ohio, the Buckeye State was truly Republican till September but the last two weeks the tables have surely turned. Clinton leads by 4 points which becomes 46% in comparison to Trump’s 42%. The Post had been forecasting Trump for Ohio but it has all shifted now. It is now being called for Clinton even though it has 57% chances which are obviously and seriously bad for Donald.

When it comes to Florida, it was Clinton there mostly with occasional Trump leads but now the Wall Street Journal has steered clear that Clinton is leading with a few more points. That is precisely a ratio of 45% to 42% while the Libertian candidate Gary Johnson also has 5% along with 3% with Jill Stein who is from the Green Party. If you keep out Johnson and Stein, Hillary Clinton then leads with 46% while Donald Trump has 44% in Florida.

Even Wisconsin has favored Clinton this morning by 5 more points bringing her to 43% in comparison to Trump’s 38%. It has also been seen through polls that the race here is tougher but with just 10 electoral votes, a sweep isn’t possible until it is merged with other states.

According to 2 different polls, Clinton is winning by large margins in Pennsylvania. For Wall Street Journal, she is up by 12 points at 49-37 as Johnson and Stein have 6% and 4% respectively. Without them, Clinton is 51-39 to Trump while for CBS she has an 8 point lead 48-40 with Trump. This state has never been competitive though but it surely has 20 electoral votes. Clinton now has 95% chances of winning it while in close contests she only needs to win Michigan and Wisconsin to have over 270 votes since she already has 247. Even winning Florida’s 29 electoral votes alone could seal it all. She has more than 80% chances of winning each of the three (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Florida).

Above all, it shall be interesting to know if the recent video leaks will really cause problems for Trump as GOP leaders have already taken away their support after it.


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