Trump wanted to praise his daughter through Twitter, but accidentally sent the tweet to another Ivanka, a woman from Brighton, England, named Ivanka Majic.

US President-elect Donald Trump praised another by accident.

Trump recalled a message from a Twitter user who called his daughter “gorgeous, a woman of great character and class.”

But the user sent it to another Ivanka and Trump repeated the error: the message was directed to Ivanka Majic, a neighbor south of England.

The tweet quickly caught the public eye, had many re-tweets and favorites during the night.

Majic, a local public employee, told Trump, also through the social network: “And you are a man with enormous responsibilities. Let me suggest you spend less time on Twitter and more time to learn about climate change.”

It is not the first time that Majic is confused with Ivanka Trump in social networks and previously encouraged people on twitter to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“It’s a lot of fun because I get so much attention, but my political stance could not be more distant from Donald Trump’s,” she said in an interview with UK television.


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