Trump’s Latest  Lewd Comments Acquisition

Lately, the news has been full of anything than Trump’s lewd comments for women and sexual misconducts since the tape leaked. It was just last week that some women accused him on record but there have been additional accusers too.

The political world shook when Trump had bragged about kissing and groping women without their consent. It was at the very same time that Cathy Heller aged 63 was exchanging emails with a friend who always used to think how she felt when she was treated by him. It was when she was shocked by a kiss. She told the Guardian that he cannot say that all of them are liars and he is the only one speaking the truth.

The Trump team continues to insist that the GOP candidate did nothing wrong. What makes it complicated is the recording. He is recorded saying that he easily gets away with sexually assaulting women due to his public profile. Hence, Cathy’s remarks appear to be in line with his behavior. There is a whole list of such claims, while Cathy is the 10th women accusing him of such conduct.

The denial by the team doesn’t go in favor of continued Trumps comments and jokes on the accusations. He says that one of the accusers isn’t even as attractive to be assaulted when compared to his own personal sex life! Conservative commentator, A.J. Delgado also said that looking at the appearances of the accusers, it does seem quite possible.

Now what that means is certainly incomprehensible, but one of the accusers has already left the country for the sake of her security and safety.


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