Jared Kushner-named Senior Adviser

Donald Trump’ son-in-law Jared Kushner- named senior adviser to the White House on Monday, an appointment that would further entwine the incoming White House team to be in a web of potential disputes of interest and accusation of nepotism.

Kushner, 35, will also argue so that a federal anti-nepotism law does not apply on him. The law, ratified in the year of 1967 after John F Kennedy appointed his own brother as attorney general.

The law prohibits the federal officials from hiring the family members to an agency or any office which he or she leads.

However, the law has certain loopholes as well.

According to the Ethic experts- Kushner could actually retain an unofficial role, for example as a “consultant” so as to skirt the law. The transition team for Trump also stated that Kushner “has chosen to forego his salary while serving in the administration”.

Kushner’s Attorneys want to argue that the White House in not an agency in technical terms, and therefore Trump and Kushner must be exempt from the nepotism rules.

Trump said in a statement:

Jared has been a tremendous asset and trusted adviser throughout the campaign and transition and I am proud to have him in a key leadership role in my administration,”.“He has been incredibly successful, in both business and now politics.

Norman Eisen the former lead attorney for Barack Obama said, “think the anti-nepotism law is murky”.

Eisen said, adding that Kushner:

We take a strict approach, but reasonable people may disagree,”. “Should submit himself to all ethics, conflicts and disclosure laws. His representatives say he will do that. That is a positive step, and I welcome it.

That said, we need to see the details of how he will do that. And I hope his father-in-law takes a page from his book and does the same, as presidents have for the past four decades, by divesting into a blind trust or the equivalent.


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