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The UK’s approach to the next phase of the Brexit negotiation seems to be based on “pure illusion”.

This is the strong statement of President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, at a press conference in Brussels. He, Donald Tusk: British plan for “Brexit” is “pure illusion” stressed that the UK is still trying to “expand” its future relationship with the EU.

Theresa May has decided to give a key speech that sets British ambitions on Friday. Tusk, who will meet with the prime minister the day before, said media reports suggested “the cake philosophy is still alive” in the UK. He added: “If the media reports are correct, I’m afraid the United Kingdom’s position today is based on pure illusion.” He continued to refuse, as he did before, any “cherry on the cake” picking from Britain or joining a “single a la carte market” after leaving.

The BBC suggests that the “11 top-level ministers in the Dame have made a big breakthrough” in the so-called “managed divergence” where the UK could resolve the EU rules to stay in a Post-Brexit.

Meanwhile Tusk said the EU will continue to be “extremely realistic” during the upcoming negotiations.

The second phase of the Brexit negotiations will cover transitional arrangements once Britain leaves economic and security cooperation in the future.

Tusk, who spoke at an informal meeting of 27 European states and governments, said he would present draft guidelines on the future EU-UK relationship at a summit in March.

“Our goal is to adopt these guidelines if the UK is ready with its vision for our future relationship, or not,” he said. “Of course it would be much better if it were. But we can not stand and wait. ” He said he hoped to have more clarity when he met with Prime Minister May in London next week.

The leaders also talked about the EU budget after 2020, the composition of the European Parliament, Turkey and Syria.

Article contributed by: Spiro Veneti


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