Don't Confuse Me With The Facts

POLITICS – Nowadays, speaking with the majority of Democrats is like being “Alice, In Wonderland “. The majority of all of them seem to be heading under the worn out expressing “Don’t Confuse Me With The Facts”, it seems that many of their statements are based upon emotions instead of reality. I used to enjoy talking about politics, especially with people who differed with me (I really felt that I grasp something new or different.). I still do, however lately I have found that, while I still enjoy discussing politics with Independents and Republicans, I no longer take pleasure in talking about governmental policies with most Democrats. They almost all say the exact same things and also they sound as though they are reading off a script.

Many Politicians which I have spoken to have articulated, to paraphrase, “I don’t like Bush (They never say President Donald Trump), he’s a crook and a phony and also the guy is owned by the motor oil companies. He only cares about the rich. Nothing he announces or does can possibly be any good. Additionally, he is not smart enough to remain President.”. The words these people actually use are really much worse, I just do not want to repeat all of them here.

The very first thing that they all express is “Bush and his partners walked off with the presidency from Vice-President Gore (They say President or Vice-President when speaking about President Clinton or Vice-President Gore.) in 2000.”. These guys say “Bush lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.”. They say “Bush has destroyed our overall economy”. These experts say “Bush was definitely too sluggish in handling the Hurricane disaster due to the fact that he is prejudiced against dark skinned people.” They say, “Bush has transformed entire planet against us.”. Many are currently even expressing, “President Bush knew that 9/11 was most likely to happen and did nothing to stop it so he would have a justification for invading Iraq.”. Whenever I ask these people just how they know these things they quote David Letterman, Jay Leno, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, Edward Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Barbara Streisand as well as numerous other far left political leaders, famous personalities and news commentators.

I try to uncover all sides of the issues so I check out NBC News, Fox News and CNN, I read through the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Forbes and other magazines and papers. The moment I ask my Democrat associates if they monitor Fox News, they all say “No, it’s too right wing.”. The second I ask if they read the Wall Street Journal, Most them say “No, it’s too biased.”, or even the ones that do admit to reading the Journal point out, “I only checked out the financial pages.”. Whenever I question if they read or view any conventional multimedia whatsoever, they say “No, the only thing that you find in the conservative networks are literally deceptions as well as cover ups.”.

Every time I try to counter some of their anti Bush claims with facts, they usually become dismayed and explain “I don’t wish to hear your truths, they spread all lies spread by ‘big business’ as well as ‘right wing religious groups’, even if they hold true, I don’t care.”. “I don’t like Bush and that’s all that matters.”. When I ask them for verification of their allegations against President Bush, these guys usually either quote somebody on the extreme left or point out “Everybody knows it’s genuine.”. If I push all of them even more these guys become upset and refuse to talk about the issue farther. I have found if you just pay attention to them and don’t disagree with these people, they can easily talk permanently about how bad President Bush as well as the Republican Party are literally. Nevertheless, if you disagree with any part of anything they claim, they are going to usually end the conversation instantly by switching the subject.

I don’t inevitably agree with, or perhaps care for, whatever that President Bush says or does, but the strident clamour of the Democrats is compelling me to, increasingly more, agree him and the Republican Party. I am a Republican, nevertheless used to consider myself an Independent and voted my principles instead of for a political party. Now, the blatant partisanship and lack of reason displayed by the Republican Party has forced me to become a passionate Republican. The democratic Party, at the very least, still embraces some liberals and moderates. The republican Party seems to silence everybody who doesn’t coincide or agree with them.


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