Jinan, east China, thought about installing narrow iron bars (jail type) at the entrance of the Chinese Restaurant.

He has offered food for free or with several discounts to diners who are able to pass a “steel test”, literally.

It is about crossing through several bars of different sizes; to the people who enter by 18 centimeters, they will be given five beers. While, those who go through the 25-centimeter, will get only one.

Those who go through the 30 centimeters, will not be offered any discount because the owner considers them “people above normal size” and it should be noted that the “torture” with the next question hanging on the door: Are you really sure that you should keep drinking beer? “

The reason for all this mess, is that the owner did this with the purpose of preventing overweight and remind diners to monitor their diet, because he believes that by putting the signs with promotions, “serve as a reminder to take care.”




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