Monitors claims suspected US-led raid killed a large number of people, mostly civilian prisoners, at an ISIL-run imprisonment in Deir Az Zor.

A suspected US-led coalition air raid on an ISIL-run prison within far eastern Syria has killed a minimum of Fifty-seven individuals, in accordance with a overseeing group.

The Syrian Observatory for Individual Rights said on Tuesday that a lot of the fatalities within the town of al-Mayadeen in Deir Az Zor region were civilian inmates.

A minimum of Fifteen ISIL fighters have been also slain in the raid, the UK-based monitor, which usually monitors developments throughout Syria’s long-running conflict via a network of contacts on the surface, reported.

Al-Ikhbariya, a Syrian state-run TV station, also reported it’s Deir Az Zor correspondent as indicating coalition fighter had destroyed a structure in al-Mayadeen used as a prison by ISIL to hold a “large number of civilians”.

An activist-run media outlet in Deir Az Zor additionally reported this hit, which it stated happened at daybreak on Monday.

The US Central Command confirmed for the Conspiracy Talk News agency on Tuesday it hit ISIL establishments in al-Mayadeen in June Twenty-five and Twenty-six, but made no direct mention of supposed ISIL penitentiary.

CENTCOM stated it is going to assess the accusations in which civilian prisoners died, also it would publish the results of its examination in its monthly civilian casualty report.

It said the Mayadeen objective was “meticulously planned as well as performed to reduce the danger … to non-combatants”.

The US-led coalition is supporting an alliance of Kurdish as well as Arab fighters within their attack on ISIL in its de -acto capital of Raqqa inside north Syria.

“The removal of these facilities disrupts ISIS’s capacity to facilitate and pressure terrorist assaults up against the coalition, our own partner forces and in our homelands,” Colonel Joe Scrocca, group director of general public matters, said in an email to Reuters news firm.

ISIL is believed to possess or moved most of its command to Mayadeen, south-east of Raqqa, according to US intelligence officials.

Among surgical procedures reportedly transferred to Mayadeen, about 80 km west from the Iraqi border, will be its online propaganda operation and its constrained command and control of assaults in Europe as well as in other places, they said.


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