MILAN– A drive-by shooting has injured several in the inner city of Macerata, Italian police stated, and also, authorities are cautioning people to stay indoors..

Police did not announce how many wounded in the community at this time, that has a population of 43,000.

Italian news reports stated that the vehicle consisted of two individuals.

Macerata’s mayor has advised citizens to keep inside Saturday while at the same time the suspects remain at-large.

The ANSA news agency disclosed 4 victims of African decent have been wounded while Sky TG24 placed the count at 2, either-way, nothing is confirmed, however authorities seem to think it could be racially motivated.

Sky pointed out the shooting started about 11 a.m.- 5 a.m. ET– and that students were being kept inside schools which are actually open on Saturday and communal transport had been halted for now as the search continues.


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