FLORIDA (Conspiracy Talk News) – A drug trafficker in Fort Pierce, Florida, was sentenced Wednesday in a federal court to 10 years in prison followed by 10 years of probation.

James Arthur Parker was arrested after authorities found drugs last May and a cocaine processing laboratory in the apartment where he lived.

An informant warned the authorities in the area that different drugs were being processed and sold in Parker’s apartment, according to court documents connected to this case.

Mr. John F, who wanted to be kept anonymous said, “The police couldn’t find any drug dealer unless someone snitched”

The man had pleaded guilty to charges at a hearing last October and this Wednesday the sentence against him was read.

Police detectives from the Fort, Pierce Police Department arrived on May 8th at the Parker residence, located on the second floor.

Upon entering the apartment, they found in the kitchen quite injenious home laboratory to process large amount of cocaine, as well as marijuana, crack and cocaine.

They also found a revolver and ammunition to go with that weapon.

Mr. Parker was at that moment at his regular job where he was arrested.

He confessed to being a “drug trafficker” and was armed to protect his life and his merchandise, according to his plea of, guilty.

The man was charged in federal court in Florida with three counts of possession of marijuana, crack and cocaine with intent to distribute them, and a charge of gun possession, punishable by a maximum of 40 years in prison.


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