iPhone X

On September 12th, 2017 Apple announced the release of iPhone X and the tech world went agog by Apple’s promises for the new product.

It is set to be officially made available tomorrow, 3rd Nov. 2017, reviews of the new iPhone have started trickling in on the internet and so far so good, it has been more accolades than negative reviews.

Earlier, Niley Patel of The verge could be quoted as saying “The iPhone X is clearly the best phone ever made.”

Previously the tag of best phone ever might have been considered as too much but it’s not every time someone of Patel’s standing makes such declarations.

He further went on to say about the new phone “It’s thin, it’s powerful, it has ambitious ideas about what cameras on phones can be used for and it pushes the design language of the phone into a strange new place.” He added “At a glance, the iPhone X looks so good that one of our video editors kept saying it looked fake.

James Martin of CNET, though not exactly a big fan of selfies, was easily impressed by the new iPhone X 7 megapixel front camera which supports portrait mode.

He said, “When I found out I’d have a chance to test the camera technology, which will be released on Friday, Nov. 3, I know I wanted to see what the new selfie camera could do.” He added, “After 10 hours on the street of San Francisco, mostly in and around fisherman’s wharf, I was impressed by how the portrait mode transformed the everyday selfie into a respectable elegant photo.”

Lance Ulanoff of Mashable thinks the new iPhone X is the beginning of something new.

“The new X changes the iPhone experience”, he said.


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