HOLLYWOOD – Ed Sheeran is fully aware that his true attraction as a music star resides, among many other things, in his talent and ability to compose songs as catchy and full of emotion. 

Nevertheless, shortly after knowing the fame, the British star temporarily submerged in harmful dynamics.

” I admit that for a while I said to myself: ‘Look at those guys who are so photogenic and have those abs …’. I think I should look a little more like them, “he revealed that self-imposed pressure – but undoubtedly conditioned by the rigid canons of beauty in the world of entertainment – that led him briefly to divert his attention from the purely artistic to end up putting it in merely aesthetic.

It has been in the framework of an extensive and sincere interview with his compatriot and singer-songwriter George Ezra -who has just released his own podcast- where the music star wanted to reflect on the excessive importance that is often given to the image and physical appearance to determine the success or failure of a musician, a factor that fortunately has not affected him at all given that he can boast of having put out no less than 10 million copies – something unheard of in the era of ‘streaming’ of his latest album ‘Divide’.

” Shortly after I said to myself: ‘Should I worry if I’m fat or I’m not?’ For now nobody has bought my discs depending on my physique or if seen in one way or another. And the truth is that I never had insecurities of this type before becoming a singer. I did not mind having a belly or being a redhead, or putting on comfortable and cheap clothes , “he explained in such an intimate interview, then attributed part of these insecurities to public scrutiny.

“I imagine that the moment you are the subject of opinions or value judgments, and people start messing with you, you start to create complexes and question your lifestyle, asking things like ‘Am I really fat?'”, asks extroverted artist, who by the way, enjoys a solid relationship with his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn , with which he is preparing his expected passage down the altar.



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