What is your opinion about the title question? We have to shoot for a balance for the new Digital generation. Read on to find out what I am talking about.

Kids of the new generation tend to be learning to play online games or make use of the computer from a young age while we couldn’t get to use them until at our 20’s or even 30’s and 40’s. Obviously they’re a lot more handy and more intelligent than us.
Playing video games, browsing or utilizing social media within apple ipads, TABs, laptops or computer really are a piece of cake for the kids of our generation. Nevertheless when they sit in front of them all the time, with their eyes fixed to them all day, they will damage their eye-sight and become unhealthy.

So we need to talk to the kids concerning coming to some sort of compromise. Enjoy video games and make use of the digital gadgets for just a couple of hours per day. You need to do your homework and focus on homework and play in the mud and dirt too. You have to strive for a balance. A small amount of everything each day teaches you better and makes you be smarter rather than perched idly with the electronic digital devices all day, which makes you way dumber.

We need to remove our kids’ addiction to digital devices. And make them realize by talking heart to heart. As well as explain the damage they’re doing to themselves. We need to go ahead and take responsibility of how to engage them in all kinds of things to do. Just then our kids are going to learn and become wiser.
Like i said previously we must shoot for a balance. When our little ones break this harmony, they harm them selves and grow dumber.

Well, like i said already, mom and dad can show the digital era kids the way to strive for this balance. And only then they can be smarter.
Not all kid needs to be a nerd or disabled. There will be some out there. But most kids can learn how to spend time after they are educated how to in effective ways.

Boys and girls need to spend time with family, get involved with discussions with grown ups and friends, go to kids birthday parties as well as play in a park in combination with handling digital gadgets. If the parents shoulder this particular responsibility, certainly the children will be good intelligent children.

Simply shoot for that balance, dear mum or dad. And you will see them grow smart, age gracefully yet still be even smarter as they have grown up. Therefore mind you, you actually did not bring your kids to life for nothing. You have to educate these individuals in appropriate ways and just then our brand-new electronic technology is bound to thrive smarter and healthy.


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