The thing about being a Tech Emperor, you must keep rearranging your pawns, or else you won’t last there for long.

This is exactly what Elon Musk, the Tesla cum Space X founder is doing, with regard to Artificial Intelligence.

Apparently, Musk wants to create a decoy that will discourage promising Tech Gurus like Anthony Levandowski from venturing into the AI coal mine.

According to him, certain regulations must be put in place to limit further development and advancement in AI technologies, lest AI becomes lethal to the human race.

In his June report, Musk argued that AI will beat human intelligence sometime in 2040 and if that happens, humans will literally be under the mercies of computers. Sometimes earlier this week the Tesla boss tweeted a Venture Beat article, quoting the possibility of a “future with an AI God”.

In his tweet, it was evident that he was beefing on Uber’s EX-engineer Anthony Levandowski, who previously served in Uber’s Self Driving technology docket.

Mr. Levandowski, exited Uber to advance his AI goal, ever since then he has never been in good terms with Musk. In his tweet, Musk cited that “Levandowski is attempting to build an AI ‘god’” and mentioned him in the list of people who should not be allowed to develop Artificial Intelligence.

The irony of the thing is that Musk himself made a good portion of his sweet billions from AI; and from a logical point of view, his bid to oust the likes of Levandowski from the Super intelligence race might just be a plan to guarantee him and to dominates the Artificial Intelligence field all by himself.

That’s so selfish, right? Wait till you hear this:

Elon Musk owns Tesla, a company that is at the heart of AI since it manufactures self-driving intelligent cars.

Musk is also the owner of Neural ink, a company that is currently spearheading the incorporation of human intelligence into the human brain.

Paradoxically, Musk had earlier suggested that the only way to keep Artificial Intelligence in check for the future (and guarantee that it doesn’t surpass human intelligence), is to develop a way of integrating it into the human brain through its neural lace.

If this is permitted, then you can bank that Neuralink (A company owned by Elon Musk) is the only corporation that will be able to integrate AI into human beings. And of course, that will make him even more billions, if the likes of Levandowski are obliterated from the picture.

Clearly, Anthony Levandowski is a real threat to Musk’s AI ventures.

Bottom line? Its either Musk’s warnings of a looming AI God in 2040 are valid, or He just wants to become the God of AI by 2040.


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