The two twin granddaughters of legendary American musician Elvis Presley, Finley and Harper Lockwood are in the Custody of Social Services after their mother Lisa Marie Presley found “inappropriate images of the kids on the father’s computer”, The Daily Mail revealed on Friday.

The British tabloid reported in its edition that the California Department of Children and Family Services has taken custody of the eight-year-old children until a trial is held in March that will determine the future of girls.

Lisa Marie Presley's twin daughters Finley and Harper Lockwood are in the custody of California's Department of Children and Family Services. She claims to have found 'indecent photos' of kids on their father Michael Lockwood's computer, court documents allege

According to court documents quoted by the Daily Mail, the daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, 49, said that she “found inappropriate images on the computer” of Michael Lockwood, her fourth husband.

Presley was married in the past with musician Danny Keough, singer Michael Jackson and actor Nicolas Cage.

“I was stunned and scandalized. It made me nauseous, “Presley recounts in court documents which she has incorporated into the divorce proceedings with Lockwood, according to the British tabloid.

According to the Daily Mail, Lockwood has asked Justice that the post nuptial economic agreement that both signed in 2007, in which the contracting parties committed not to claim assets be annulled.

The musician claims he was coerced into initiating that document and claims a $ 40,000 per month pension from Presley, according to the tabloid.


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