Emma Stone, as HOT as ever.


Emma Stone, this year’s Oscar winner, became the highest-paid actress in the world, according to the Forbes magazine’s 2017 list published Wednesday.

Stone, 28, took the golden statuette for her lead role in “La La Land.” In the past 12 months through June, she earned $ 26 million before taxes.

Jennifer Aniston, 48, pocketed 25.5 million thanks to the multiple advertising agreements she has in different countries around the world.

Jennifer Lawrence, who topped the last two lists, was the third-highest paid with $ 24 million. In 2015 it raised 52 million dollars and in 2016 another 46 million, thanks in part to the blockbuster “Hunger Games”.

Melissa McCarthy and Mila Kunis – with 18 and 15.5 million dollars – complete the top five.

Behind them were Emma Watson, Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts and Amy Adams.

The ten sum up to 172.5 million dollars. wow, what a hall.


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