When travelling, sometimes it is difficult to know if you have to leave a tip or not. Habits vary from one country to another.

To make things a little easier, the British website PopSugar has made a summary of the things you should know about all European countries. 

Albania: Tip is not wanted but always appreciated. Most people try to round off the bill at restaurants.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina are very low, so the price tag will be appreciated. Tips are accepted in restaurants and bars (5-10% of total bill).

Bulgaria: Staff in Bulgaria is paid with a minimum wage, so expect to negotiate with a bribe – the average is 10% of the bill.

Czech Republic: Is 10% of total, especially in tourist centres like Prague and Cesky Krumlov.

Germany: The service is always included in restaurant bills, but as explained in the knigge.de website, you have to provide tips even when you are not obliged. Rounding off the bill will be enough.

Greece: Some restaurants round up the bill in advance, so be sure to open your eyes before you are prolific. When you give tips, leave it on the table or in the waiter’s hand. Some owners do not allow waiters to keep the tip.

Ireland and England: It is always expected to give up to 10% of the invoice when the service has been very good. However, sometimes the service is included in the invoice. In these cases do not feel obliged to leave more tips.

Italy: Tips are not expected as the service is loaded within the invoice. Most people put on the table some euros, but rarely more than 10% of the bill.

Kosovo: Kosovo is not expected but appreciated.

Macedonia: Assuming the service is good, 10% bid is welcome at every restaurant. It is also common to rent taxi drivers, or at least round off the bill.

Montenegro: In Montenegro, tips are given to waiters, taxi drivers, and hotel staff.

Netherlands: Service fees will be charged to all bills (including taxis), so if you do not leave bills will be accepted.

Poland: In Poland, taxi drivers expect to give up to 10% of the bill. In restaurants make sure that the biscuit is not included in the invoice. Keep in mind: Thank you for translating “you can keep the rest,” the monitor writes.

Portugal: Tip is very common in Portugal, especially in tourist areas. Taxi drivers wait to round up the bill to the nearest 5 euros, restaurants want to receive the 10% of the bill, and the bars are waiting for you to leave some euros.

Romania: Bullets are very important in Romania, which you should also give in hospitals before visiting the doctor.

Serbia: leaving the tip in Serbia is not mandatory, but it will be appreciated. Taxis and restaurants await you to leave a bundle by rounding up the bill.

Switzerland: The service will be included in most of your bills, so do not worry about it.

Turkey: In Turkey, it is expected to leave 5-10% invoice tips, bars, restaurants and cafes. Even taxi bills are expected to be rounded up.


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