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Bloggers have increased in numbers and if you are reading this it is probably because you are one.

The good thing about blogging is that you are at freedom of deciding which angle to take depending on the type of audience you target with your content.

When starting a blog, everybody hopes to strike big; as in get in there have hundreds of likes and comments from people who eventually become faithful followers of your blog. There is no single blogger out there who doesn’t wish that their posts become viral or some of the most popular because of the kind of content they post.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Most times you do get traffic to your blog, but the likes and comments or even shares may not reflect the same. If this is the kind of result you are looking after, it can get frustrating and you could end up wondering whether you are really good in writing and whether your blog posts are as good as you think they are. Truth is just because the posts didn’t attract as many likes or comments as you would have wanted does not mean it wasn’t good enough. There are different kinds of people and your traffic could be made up of people who:

  • Read and enjoy, but are too rushed to comment about the post
  • Relate with the content but would rather take tips without necessarily commenting
  • Find the content entertaining, but don’t know what to say about it
  • Do not find the content as appealing, but would rather keep quiet than give negative feedback

These four types of readers prove that what you are posting is very relevant, only that they made a choice not to say anything or share even though they might have liked or not liked what the post was about. There are of course very many ways through which you can create viral posts, but if it does not match the kind of blog you have started, then you might end up stirring reactions for all the wrong reasons. You can tell that your post is good enough as long as:

1. You do not endlessly talk about yourself.

2. You make the post interactive so your readers feel as part of the conversation.

3. Offer help to readers in some kind of way within your posts.

4. You think through your posts so you send top quality good ones instead of sending too many that are not as good.

5. You are fun and make readers lighten up even when talking about very serious issues.

A good blogger before starting a blog must have a theme and whatever you choose there are so many posts you can generate. Creativity does matter so always take your time to think about the posts without necessarily stressing too much about what you are writing because then again, you are supposed to enjoy the writing and the flow should be easy for you.


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