NEW YORK (Conspiracy Talk News) – A male having a bomb-like gadget strapped on the body trigger an explosion in New York’s most busy commuter-hubs right at rush-hour Monday, wounding him self and three other people with what New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio referred to as an attempted terrorist assault.

This incident occurred at the Port Authority Bus-Terminal, just one block from Times-Square, the man was quickly recognized as Akayed Ullah, the Police Office commissioner reported. The man experienced burns as well as lacerations and 3 other individuals, including a law enforcement officer, got minimal injury.

The actual weapon took it’s origin from some sort of pipe-bomb and it was attached on the suspect using zip-ties in addition to velcro, authorities explained. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, talking in a news conference close to the location of the incident, referred to this device as being on a “amateur level


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