Facebook to Push for Superior Journalism

On Wednesday, Facebook made its latest move in order to acknowledge its role in Journalism.

Facebook to push for Superior journalism, the efforts made by the company aims to forge deeper ties with the publishers by working on various publishing tools and other related features before they are released.

The company will also conduct several training programs for journalists to teach them how to better search the site to report on events and news.

Dave Merrell, lead product manager at The Washington Post, who is also working with Facebook mentioned in a statement:

It’s very early in the process but certainly something we are really excited about”. “We worked with Facebook on numerous products over the years, but often were not involved in the product development stage.

Shailesh Prakash, the chief intelligence officer and vice president for digital product development for The Washington Post mentioned:

There would be times when Facebook would come to us with a new product or function, but by the time we were invited to participate, product development was already kind of a done deal.” “You had to fix your content and design into their parameters.

“Now we’re finally coming to a more formal positioning of a model where we can begin working together much earlier in the process,” Mr. Prakash said.

Facebook said that it hoped to train the audiences producing the public with the term of “News Literacy”, so that they can spot the false news, along with producing public-service announcements on how to determine- which news and related sources to trust

The company also cautioned that its journalism project was in the initial stages would work on the needs of the publishers, journalists and readers.

Ms. Simo Facebook director of product stated that:

As an industry, we have a lot to learn collaboratively,”, the “What you’re seeing is an increased commitment to that.


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