The social network Facebook redoubles its efforts once again against the spread of fake news, trying to avoid repeating in Germany what happened in the North American electoral campaign – in which fake news had a strong presence -, the American company announced its alliance with a research center to “analyze the content of users”.

The objective of the alliance is to prevent the propagation of fake news on its platform for the election year in Germany, which this year will elect new chancellor.

In addition, as in the United States, the social network will work to limit the possibilities of making money with those known as “fake news”.

Facebook was the subject of harsh criticism after numerous false information was spread through its platform during the US election campaign, so users will now be able to mark “potentially false information” as they see it on the network, said Guido Bülow.

The “Fake News” post will be tagged as false information for everyone to see.

“The post itself will not disappear from the platform, we will not hide it, people will continue to share it,” he said. However, the alert will continue to be linked to the information also in later releases: “We may also reduce the visibility of a low-credit item,” he added.

By mid-December Facebook had announced that it would act “more harshly” against the publication of false news and the sources of that information.

“We are convinced that every effort should be made to combat the spread of false or fake news on social networks,” said research center director David Schraven.

Facebook wants to get more partners to fight against this type of fake news that scuffed the past elections in the United States and at this time the German politicians also  fear that this type of attack might influence the Chancellery elections that will be held in late September.


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