Usage of the phrase ‘false flag’ is typically met with raised brows as well as of conspiracy. Still, false flags are undoubtedly an extremely real and a very present-day component of geopolitics– denying this is basically rejecting reality.

Recently, the United state of america, together with the UK & France, attacked Syrian targets, seemingly in revenge for a supposed chemical substance assault that was conducted just one week before, within the urban city of Douma.

The cock-and-bull story we are told is that : Syrian Head Bashar Assad is a wicked lunatic that makes use of poisonous substance gas on people for his mere enjoyment . As neocon think tanks, the Atlantic Committee put it recently, as soon as Assad gasses folks, he is merely “indulging an addiction”– an addiction that this individual appears to have just lately obtained.

Given the reality that just before Syria’s conflict started, United States reporters were actually actively applauding the “educated” & “informed” Assad followers as well as admiring the “phenomenal” degrees of peace & religious diversification inside Syria.

In any case, so strong is Assad’s newly found aspiration for witnessing Syrian infants foaming at the mouth, that this guy is prepared to snatch defeat out of the jaws of triumph simply by choosing to make use of these kinds of weapons in-spite of knowing this would certainly bring about global outrage, and also possibly a major AMERICAN military initiative to KILL him.

And so, that’s the saga.

Assad is really an ogre, and the entire world needs to unify to stop him.

Certainly there are a lot of individuals that are less swayed by this tale, having said that, among these is Peter Ford, former emissary to Syria.

Mr. Ford informed BBC Radio Scotland that “in all probability” the claimed chemical assault never occurred, and also the video clip, and even photo documentation used as verification from the United States including its own allies was actually faked.

Certainly there are those who believe that this onslaught might have been genuine, and yet the criminals might have been anti-Assad revolutionists, attempting to provoke a response from the United States Military– to put it simply, that it was a false flag situation that fulfilled the objective flawlessly.

The question to ask when such a thing takes place is: Who benefits?

Assad has certainly not profited whatsoever, however the revolutionist organizations fighting against him, have.

No matter what the reality is of this supposed chemical strike, the concept for a false flag events being used to trigger a military response , should not be met with this kind of skepticism.

The United States has an extensive past history of making use of lies (alternatively ‘fake news’ one may refer to it as) as a pretext for war.

It is really crucial, to take a look at latest activities within Syria and in this light.


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