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Requiring the needs of reputable family law solicitors in Sydney is a situation that most people don’t expect to find themselves in. Many of the circumstances in which these legal experts are required are emotionally charged and deal with delicate issues.

The cases that family law solicitors in Sydney routinely deal with are laden with several legal nuances, precedents and societal stigmas that make it a difficult area to successfully navigate. It’s hard to come out of these situations unscathed, even with the best legal representation on your side.

Because of the high stakes involved, those facing issues like divorce, property settlement and child custody will naturally want to get the best family lawyers in Sydney to aid them. Let’s take a look at some of the top tips for finding one of these experienced legal practitioners.

Consider their expertise

The most highly dependable family law solicitors in Sydney will have previous experience in dealing with cases similar to yours and have accreditations in the relevant field. Some of these professionals will be experienced litigators while others will have more expertise in alternative dispute resolution.

Depending on your individual goals and needs regarding the case, the kind of expert you recruit should be well suited to deliver ideal outcomes for you. For example, if you have already agreed to a property settlement but are still disputing child custody, an experienced litigator may be more useful to you than a negotiator and vice versa.

The most experienced family law solicitors in Sydney have dealt with similar issues hundreds of times before but also realise that each case is different. Because of the complexity of this area and the court system’s preference for out of court settlement, legal experts need to be reliable advisors to their clients and maintain a high degree of professionalism even when their clients face emotional difficulties.

Are they sympathetic to your problems?

In many ways, the ideal family law solicitor in Sydney will act as somewhat of a pseudo-counsellor to their clients. While not qualified psychologists, these professionals will have developed a mature and reason based approach to dealing with the emotional issues faced by their clients.

Issues like child custody can be particularly traumatising to clients who fear for their future relationship with children. A good solicitor will understand that these emotions can affect the judgement of their client and do their best to steer them in a logic based manner.

While they are not there to be a shoulder to cry on, it is not unreasonable to expect them to show a basic sympathy for what you are going through. This allows them to be better advocates on your behalf should litigation prove necessary.

Are they easy to get in touch with?

Good family law solicitors in Sydney will be able to correspond with you about your case at a reasonable frequency. While you may have to deal with legal secretaries and paralegals depending on the size of the firm, your primary contact should ideally be with the lawyer themselves.

Because of the complexity of these issues, family law solicitors in Sydney need to be malleable to the changing developments in the case. They need to be available to their clients at critical points during the case so as to inform them of the best course of action in a given situation.

Unless they can be there for their clients when they are most needed, their expertise and experience will go to waste. Those seeking expert family law solicitors in Sydney need to make sure they are getting someone who has a work ethic that matches their needs for the case.


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