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You and your family already have many things in common; do you need to also have it in the workplace?

Faced with this uncomfortable situation, we must make things clear. Hiring people close to you is not always the best idea, in the event that the employment relationship is not successful; all subsidiary ties are also lost.

Incompetence, lack of commitment, overconfidence, and lack for any responsibilities for the family employee tends to have variants that can make him or her one of the worst investments. Now, lets face the fact that the situation can become a family catastrophe.

  • What to do when an employee is family and you have to fire them?

Dispensing with the services of a collaborator is an exhausting task, firing a family member is even more uncomfortable. It is essential that you have some strategies in mind before terminating the employment relationship, as this must be handled in the best way possible.

Here are some tips to consider when dismissing a family member:

  • Family and Businesses Require Loyalty

Be clear that the company demands certain contributions and if they are not being achieved it is necessary for a change to take place, it does not matter if the employee is in the family or not. Be very clear that ending the employment relationship has nothing whatsoever to do with kinship ties. It is essential that you keep your decision within a purely commercial framework.

  • There is no Reverse

As an entrepreneur, you must face the fact that in business, kinship is NOT a valid circumstance to withdraw from a decision of dismissal. It emphasizes the process that was carried out to make this determination, that is, it corrects the bad results, and the goals not reached resulting in the failures that lead to this dismissal.

  • Dismissing a family Employee is no Reason for Shame

Although saying goodbye to a relative carries a certain sense of guilt, you do NOT need to give excuses. If there are strong grounds for dismissal you do NOT have to say “I’m sorry”.

  • The family is not a Business

 In the company you have to be practical, while in the house you have to continue with the family role. No matter if other members intervene to revoke your decision, you must be firm and do not let what happens in the company become a family issue.

  • A Business is not a Family Charity Center

A business seeks to generate profits that are reflected in the life of a family, but it is not the whole family tree. Do not give in to the idea that the company is the medium, while the family is sacred; do not let the decisions of the two intermingle.

  • Everything within its Scope

If a matter needs to be settled between siblings, children or others, it must be done at home. For labor issues, solutions must be based on the mission and the values of the latter, according to performance parameters.

  • No Preferences

In a company, the achievements help to evaluate an idea that is sometimes lost to a family member. You must make it very clear to all what is expected of them, without making exceptions with the relatives.

  • Be Objective

A relative is valuable but when he or she stops contributing to the company they lose value as a worker. It is not recommended to overlap relatives against poor results, if they do not meet corporate interests, it will be better to end the employment relationship without resentment.

When looking for employees keep in mind that the best performing personnel are chosen to fulfill those functions. Not necessarily in the family

Your selection process should evaluate both family and external candidates equally.

Having a family member to work in the company can be beneficial, but if they don’t pull their weight then you have to be prepared for what is coming. So, be very careful in the selection of employees.

Employees who are also part of the family can be ideal complements, they can help to take care of the interests of the company, just be careful that they do not get out of line.


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