The University of Michigan and the New York Obesity Research launched in 2015 a study on the 25 most addictive fast food, putting junk food or fast food among the first, but why?

The combination of fats and sugars creates an addiction similar to that of a drug, a key factor that has made fast food chains grow year after year. But, is all FAST FOOD the same?

This year a new book of recipes different from all known ones has been released, a recipe book based on pizzas, hamburgers and healthy burritos, low in calories, of fast and simple elaboration, that tries to revolutionize the popular vision on the concept of the “Fastfood”

An environmental graduate and nutrition expert, the author started his project after seeing the great difficulty that many people had in cooking and eating healthy and trying to make diets to counter poor diet. As a result, it was proposed to develop a different recipe, in which anyone could enjoy their favorite dishes, while promoting their health.

Nowadays, it is possible to find not only on its website ( or AMAZON, but also more and more bookstores and nutrition centers show a greater interest.

This is due to the fact that in its interior, not only is its elaboration, but also a nutritional reeducation is explained, explaining different benefits of different foods and some general notions of nutrition, as well as all the nutritional information of each dish, promoting a balanced diet Being able to be used for the loss of weight with the supervision of a professional.

Therefore, this book is ideal for all people who want to take care of themselves and do not want to spend more time than necessary in the kitchen. Looking for the ultimate goal, break with the myth that all fast food is the same.

Because eating well and tasty should not be fought.


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