Bill Clinton speaking at Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in New York, December 6, 2017. Kevin Hamilton – Conspiracy Talk News

WASHINGTON (World Breaking News) – The FBI is investigating X President Bill Clinton due to pressure from current President Donald Trump and amid corruption allegations made by Republican lawmakers, US media reported on Friday.

CNN, The New York Times and The Hill, news sites focused on the Congress, confirmed that Department of Justice investigators are reviewing issues related to alleged donations from the Clinton Foundation in exchange for political favours when the wife of former president, Hillary Clinton, was Secretary of State between 2009 and 2013.

The Department of Justice did not confirm the investigation, but informed in November the leader of the House of Representatives judicial committee, Robert Goodlatte, that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was evaluating the need to officially investigate a controversial uranium agreement that involved an important donor of the foundation.

Nick Merrill, a spokesperson for Hillary Clinton, told The Hill that the investigation was “a farce” and said that Sessions “was doing what Trump ordered him” to move forward with the case.

On Twitter and in his speeches, Trump has repeatedly asked the Justice Department to reopen the investigation into the private email server used by Hillary Clinton – whom she defeated in the 2016 presidential election – when she was secretary of state in the government of Barack Obama.

He has also mentioned the uranium deal several times. 

That case refers to the sale in 2013 of the Canadian mining company, Uranium One, to the Russian state company Rosatom, which was approved by Obama. 

The deal allowed Rosatom to control 20% of the uranium reserves in the United States and was decided after Uranium One made large donations to the Clinton Foundation.


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