This image of Friday, January 19, 2018 shows one of the properties for sale in the Esperanza de Vieques, Puerto Rico sector. Jerry Spencer - Conspiracy Talk News

HAVANA – The Federal Agency for Emergency Management aka FEMA of the United States affirmed that it will not stop supplying water and food to Puerto Rico despite the reports that it intended to cancel assistance.

The agency’s spokesman, William Booher, told Conspiracy Talk News reporters that the agency has been evaluating whether enough stores and supermarkets opened their doors before January 31 to justify the needs for water and food supplies by the municipal governments on the island. 

He stressed that no decision has been made yet and that authorities released the date by mistake this week.

FEMA is in the process of gradually reducing the distribution of water and food as stores and markets resume their activities, Booher said, but stressed that for the foreseeable future will continue with the supply of aid in the localities in need.


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