The traveler that perished soon after an engine explosion during the course of a Southwest Airlines flight on the way to Dallas TX coming from New York City has now been identified.

Jennifer Riordan a banking company exec and also mother of 2, according to the Associated Press. She passed away right after the airplane’s motor blew up and shrapnel destroyed a window, the wire mentioned.

Riordan was seriously wounded as she was actually sucked out of her window. When some other travelers had the ability to yank this women back in to the airplane, witnesses revealed that the passenger was having a heart attack or stroke at that time.

An assist principal at her young children’s school, Albuquerque Catholic School, was actually the very first to provide the information regarding her fatality inside an e-mail to parents or guardians, the outlet revealed.

The family members generated a declaration secured by a WFAA-TV press reporter, writing, “Jennifer Riordan has passed away as a result of previously reported events on Southwest Airlines flight # 1380.”.


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