The very first sentence with the FIFA corruption mega scandal is going to take place in New York: a previous Guatemalan soccer secretary, the last to plead guilty, will know on Wednesday the number of years he’ll spend in prison.

Héctor Trujillo, 63, confessed his guilty last June with two of the eight counts that he’s accused: conspiracy to transfer money illegally as well as transfer of illegal money.

A total of Forty two soccer authorities with the Americas and sports businessmen have already been indicted by the United states justice system as part of the FIFA crime scandal which exploded back in 2015.

The overwhelming majority currently have pleaded guilty attempting to decrease their own fees and penalties.

In this archive image of June 2, 2017, former Guatemalan judge Héctor Trujillo leaves a federal court in Brooklyn after pleading guilty in New York

Trujillo’s guilty verdict in June reduced to only 3, the amount of defendants within the scandal that insist on their innocence and who’ll head to trial in up coming November 6: from Brazilian soccer Jose Maria Marín, from the Peruvian soccer Manuel Burga and also Paraguayan Juan Angel Napout ex- president of the Conmebol.

Trujillo was caught in December 2015 by United states law enforcement officials when a Disney cruise-ship he and his family were on, made a stop at Port Canaveral in Florida.

He spent a few days locked up in solitary confinement until he was released in January after paying a $ 4 million bond. Until this Wednesday he is in house arrest within Miami.

The previous Secretary General from the Guatemalan Football Federation is charged with accepting and washing tens of thousands of dollars in bribes from the Miami-based Media World company in return for the granting of television rights and commercialization of national soccer matches of men’s football of Guatemala qualifiers for the 2018 and 2022 seasons.

“I recognize i deprived the federation of my honest services,” he explained on June 2, when a tearful Trujillo pleaded guilty to Brooklyn federal judge Pamela Chen, who’s dealing with the case.

The soccer exjerarca, who led the Fedefut from 2009 to 2015 and at the same time frame worked as a judge of the Guatemalan Constitutional Court, admitted he received “illegal commissions” from Media World twice in 2010 as well as 2014.

The last was deposited in the account of an acquaintance in the USA. Much of the cash ended up being moved to Guatemala.

“I realize it was wrong of me to just accept these payments and never to disclose them,” continued the exjerarca, before wiping his tears using a white handkerchief.

The defendant pledged to repay $ 175,000 towards the Government as part of his plea arrangement.

The maximum penalty to which could be sentenced for every crime is Two decades of imprisonment.

However on Wednesday, the prosecutor announced that he will ask Judge Chen to impose the absolute minimum sentence of 41 months imprisonment on Trujillo, as well as refunding to the Fedefut of about 415,000 dollars.

Trujillo’s legal representatives will be ready to request clemency because his client already has spent almost 2 yrs in prison and point out he isn’t in good health.

Former Guatemalan soccer player Brayan Jiménez, extradited from his country to the USA for corruption in FIFA, has also pleaded guilty and may be sentenced by Chen within the coming months.



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