Corporate run media is crumbling right before the panicked eyes of the current power structures. Whitewash journalism, and its lies, are finally backfiring and causing a healthy increase in the alternative media’s audience. 77% of Americans distrust the mainstream media, according to the most recent Gallup poll.  MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CNN, and Fox News are all drowning in a sea of mistrust and outright disdain by the American public.

Out of the five (should be) career ending scandals, the Verizon data mining, Benghazi, the IRS political oppression, and the seizure of the AP’s phone records, the mainstream media guarded the gate of information from ever reaching the public. It was not until alternative media, through kicking and screaming brought these stories to the “dinner table discussion” in America. AP did not even cover the fact that the Justice Department was spying on it’s own phone records.

The media has the role of being the peoples check on politicians, or other individuals that abused the offices they were elected into. The mainstream media has become the opposite, and instead of informing the public of the corruption plaguing government, they have become the guardians of the corporate interests that are manifested in that political corruption. Corporate interests drive the politics in Washington, so to expect corporate media to report on corporate driven corruption is as ludicrous as expecting someone selling stolen goods to freely and willingly report his supplier.

Recently there has been a shift in the game plan of keeping the American public in the dark. The Department of Defense recently stated that it will now stop lying to the public due to the impact of alternative media driving the discussion of America, and not the mainstream media, that would always lie and cover for the corruption.

Yet, despite this huge victory for alternative media there is now a different war being waged. The Alternative media appears to have won, and can now force stories into the spotlight, forcing the mainstream media to attempt damage control, but now the US has repealed anti-propaganda laws that made it illegal to use propaganda sent abroad back in the US.

“The Smith-Mundt Act has ensured for decades that government-made media intended for foreign audiences doesn’t end up on radio networks broadcast within the US. An amendment tagged onto the National Defense Authorization Act removed that prohibition this year, however, and as of earlier this month those news stories meant for nations abroad can now be heard easily by American ears.”
– US ends ban on ‘domestic propaganda’ – RT


Essentially the government is trying to take over the alternative media with outlets they will pose as being “alternative” while attempting to discredit the authentic alternative media.

Since the alternative media has been so successful, the corporate owned government and media has started waging a different war. This campaign will be aimed at the most impressionable of minds: the youth. The easiest way to change a society is to indoctrinate the youth. From Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge to Mao’s “Great Cultural Revolution” children were used to change society. The young have no set belief system and can be conditioned much easier. That is why it is so shocking to have the mainstream media publicly announce these operations of propaganda. With condescending headlines like “Don’t be Alarmed, but the Government is trying to Control You” from MSN the White-house has announced that it will now try to implant subtle ways to direct the public’s behavior.

With the Orwellian names “The Behavioral Insight Team” and the “Nudge Squad” the government openly is trying to drive the public, and instead of being headline news, the mainstream media put up a narcissistic praise piece that enjoys the program.  The real alternative media would not be doing our job if we ignored the government openly announcing public conditioning programs.

From fake alternative media to government psyops, the real alternative media is here doing the job that needs to be done.  Real investigative journalism, for the people, by the people.








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